Large-Scale C++ Software Design. John Lakos

Large-Scale C++ Software Design

ISBN: 0201633620, | 870 pages | 22 Mb

Large-Scale C++ Software Design John Lakos
Publisher: Addison Wesley

Building a next-gen Strong coding skills in a language such as Java/C++/Python etc. Apr 29, 2010 - C++ Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design by Stephen C. Pick up lakos' 'large-scale c++ software design' for an outdated, yet highly insightful discussion on what efforts become necessary when dealing with really large code bases (>1 million lines of code). Jul 8, 2009 - Code Complete is an essential book for programmers who have learned how to program, but don't have as much experience with the complete software life cycle of full-scale projects. It's filled with lots of good practices for everything from planning, to design, coding style, performance, debugging, and maintenance. C++ "Large-Scale C++ Software Design" by John Lakos, page 2, Anddison Wesley Longman Inc. Yes, of course, you can compare prices and read reviews on Large-Scale C++ Software Design. A good book I have on my bookshelf is "Large-Scale C++ Software Design" by John Lakos. Dec 2, 2013 - Developing a large-scale software system in C++ requires more than just a sound understanding of the logical design issues covered in most books on C++ programming. Stuff like PIMPL, Delegates and Signals and Slots all help in decoupling. Advanced search This "high purpose" and demanding role offers a unique combination of deep computer science (big data, search), scalable and high-performance production systems, large-scale framework design, and consumer product thinking. Feb 14, 2014 - If you keep updated with blog posts from other programmers out there, you'll probably be thinking: “Oh no, not another post from some functional-programming fan boy”. I recommend Lakos's Large Scale C++ Software Design. Jun 29, 2011 - The object-oriented paradigm is notorious for demanding more design effort and savy than its procedural counterpart. Feb 13, 2014 - for Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science Software, Companies, Data, Jobs, Education, News, and more. Nov 4, 2013 - Looking for great deals on Large-Scale C++ Software Design and best price? It is a very scientific and stringent approach, which is specific for C++. May 18, 2014 - The purpose of the role is to work on all aspects of software development, including analysis, design, implementation, testing, and deployment. Nov 13, 2010 - John Lakos has written an excellent book on software scaling called: Large-Scale C++ Software Design here is a summary. You are in the right place to get lowest price.

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